@zihnawiyon Zihna Wiyon SAN FRANCISCO DEC 26-JAN 1ST
Twitter Hpv

I am just a statistic a kwe who has hpv (mom and grandma both had it) daughter of addicts
Rape victim 1 in 3 native women
Countless rapes
Sex trafficking victim. MMIW
So mentally ill.
Ancestral trauma is fucking ruining me
It will kill me

Published at Tue, 24 Dec 2019 04:50:51 +0000


@zihnawiyon Zihna Wiyon SAN FRANCISCO DEC 26-JAN 1ST
Twitter Hpv

2 thoughts on “@zihnawiyon Zihna Wiyon SAN FRANCISCO DEC 26-JAN 1ST Twitter Hpv

  1. Delete this. My HPV went away. As it does! I was vaccinated for the strains of hpv that cause cancer. My HPV WENT AWAY. Delete this!
    Also that photo of me is my property and i don’t allow it to be posted to other sites without my consent. I’m going to file a DMCA claim against you if you don’t remove it.

  2. Delete this or I am going to take legal action against your website. You must CEASE and DESIST from posting my intellectual property and things I’ve written without my CONSENT. This is slander and defamation because I do not have HPV anymore. It’s not true, and you keeping it up on your site is spreading a LIE which is reckless disregard of the truth and SLANDER AND LIBEL. This has actually gotten to the point it’s affected my INCOME as a porn star and companies have refused to work with me because of this. I HAVE REMOVED IT FROM MY OWN TWITTER BECAUSE IT IS NOT TRUE ANYMORE. REMOVE THIS.

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