Mid-term MCQ exam next week on social media for state …

PUNE: All state board students from standards I to IX will take an online mid-term assessment on WhatsApp starting from the first week of November.
The education department has roped in software firm ConveGenius to devise the tests to be taken on the social media platform. Students will receive time-bound multiple choice questions for all the subjects.
The results for each test will be generated immediately. The assessment will be based on the online classes that they are undergoing in the last three months.
The student will send his/ her name to the WhatsApp number given by the respective teacher and questions will follow.
Each question will pop up after the answer to the previous one has been sent. The time taken by every student to answer each question will be recorded and a report generated almost immediately. The pilot run has been conducted.
State education director Dinkar Patil said the online classes are being conducted well by teachers in state board schools across Maharashtra.
He said, “With the progress of online teaching, it is imperative that a small assessment is conducted to know what the students have understood. It will also be treated as a mid-term assessment. We have devised a novel method with the help of a software firm to send the tests on WhatsApp.”
Patil said their survey of online classes has revealed that nearly 80% state board students from standards I to X are able to attend through various mediums including smartphones, tablets, desktop machines or the volunteer–based teaching where smart devices or network are unavailable.
“If 80% of students are already into online education, we can surely assess them based on the progress so far. The easiest way for students to take tests is on WhatsApp,” he added.
Schools across the city from other education boards have been taking online exams for the students who submit them online via smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Some schools ensure that students get some training via mock exams, training videos, training sessions on online exams so that they do not flounder.

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