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What are these bumps on my vaginal opening?


I’m 21f. I had Chlamydia and I was never able to go in for a blood test because the planned parenthoods are booked over here and the regular clinics aren’t taking non-COVID related patiences. I managed to get an appointment at PP, but they said a doctor wouldn’t be in for my appointment and they were so busy I couldn’t set up another appointment. I got tested and treated for chlamydia all through online testing.

After I got my antibiotics, everything seemed fine. Now it looks like I got oral herpes from sharing a vape or something stupid, and I’m scared I have HIV.

My lymph nodes and tongue are swollen, sore throat, frequent urination, my legs/knees hurt, I have the worst headache, and I have these little sores on my vaginal opening.

They’re like little painful bumps, they don’t “ooze” anything and they aren’t a crazy color but they hurt to the touch. Sometimes if they aren’t swelled up, they just itch.

It’s kind of crazy because all of these symptoms (besides the sores on my vagina) have only came up once I got the sore on my lip, which was a few days ago.

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