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Jun 29

If ur having sex w someone, u 100% have the right to know if they’re having sex w anyone else, stop putting other ppls health @ risk. Plain n simple

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Lacey B

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Just adding on.. . You can still get herpes even if you wear a condom. It requires skin to skin contact to be passed on. It does not cover the entire genital area. Oh, and when you get tested for STI’s they normally don’t screen for herpes unless asked. Be safe. Be smart.


Jun 30

YES!! I was going to say this if someone hadn’t already. Also I would like to add that the first symptoms I had felt like a really bad cold paired with a UTI so if you have that pairing definitely ask your doctor for an HSV screening

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Jun 30

And!! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I personally reccomend telling any potential partner up front and as soon as you can about it to make sure that there isn’t any miscommunication



Jul 1

It’s worth noting that: you can’t get herpes from someone who has it unless they are experiencing an outbreak at the time of intimacy, and it will not show up on a STD test unless the infected person is also currently experiencing an outbreak at the time of the test.

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Unless they are asymptomatic. There is still a risk you can get it but the risk is low and even lower if you use protection. Nothing is definite whether or not they have a breakout.

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Friendly reminder to get swab tested!! It might be uncomfortable but it’s worth it. Blood tests for HSV2 almost always come back positive but it’s only because everyone has had a cold sore (HSV1) at some point. Swabs are the most effective way to find genital herpes!

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Swabs also can give false negatives. They are not the most reliable.

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Adding on 1 in 4 people have herpes. So if you’ve been with 4 people, 1 of them probably had it… but just because they do doesn’t mean you’ll get it.

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