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Not unlike herpes, the McRib is known to come back when you least suspect it.
Donald J. ShruteDonald J. Shrute



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I once got herpes from a McRib.At least that’s what my girlfriend said.

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The McRib being made

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It’s the gift that keeps giving too.

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McDonald’s marketing of the McRib is brilliant.One is enough when they’re available and when they make their next random appearance,you WILL eat at least one.

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lol people dunk on the McRIb. As if the rest of the McDonald’s menu is fine cuisine.

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But unlike herpes we keeping coming back to it knowing the effects.I’ll take 2 please

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McSpams are good.I think it’s the barbeque sauce!

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…and just as gooey.

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Best sandwich at McDonalds.

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