Genital Herpes Alert! Chicago, Illinois: Sharon Wyche

sharonI was not informed she had herpes genital at all. I thought I could trust her because she was older. I was not aware of her risky sexual behavior. She ruined my life. I am aware that in some states this can be fixed by arrest. It is illegal to give a permanat std such has herpes without telling someone by law. I have horrible lesions on my private are that are painful during breakouts she needs to be held accountable! This person is horrible and is ignorant I should have known better from the way she carried herself. She is abhorrent and uneducated she lives in the ghetto should have known better. Regardless no one has the right to harm anyone! She will get what she dearves there is a God you have to answer to. Pain and the blisters she is nasty and disgusting and at that age its unbelievable some one would try to hurt someone. #sharonwyche #genitalherpes #chicago #illinois

Published at Tue, 23 Jun 2020 01:03:53 GMT

By RobertRob

Source: Genital Herpes Alert! Chicago, Illinois: Sharon Wyche

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